John Olivier Klynsmith:  Jeweller, sculptor, artist and member of the Society of Designers in South Africa.  John arrived in South Africa from Kenya in 1959.  He studied art at the Durban University of Technology and ancient civilisation at the University of Natal.  He completed his apprenticeship as a jeweller, designer and craftsman in 1969 and continued to work a number of years with a well renowned jeweller.  

In 1977 John started his own business in Durban called John Klynsmith Studio and has since then hosted 44 exhibitions at various galleries in South African and internationally over the past 30 years. John relocated to Johannesburg during 1988 for a number of years and later established his roots in the beautiful City of Cape Town. John is a true master craftsman, continuously designing and producing original commissioned pieces as well as creating exclusive jewellery, sculptures and sculptural graphics for his clients and future exhibitions. The essence of his creativity is a sinuous, sensual curved line found in each of his designs. He favors a more natural movement, whether these lines are used in realistic depictions of natural forms, or abstract shapes evoking an organic vitality.  
Nature and fantasy are the ultimate source of John’s inspiration. His jewellery is completely uninhibited by social conventions and moves away from traditional rules of design. The results are pieces conceived as original works of art, which suit the individual personality and character of the wearer.  

His style is best expressed in light malleable materials such as gold and silver found in his solid objects. The curving flowing forms result in a feeling of airy lightness, grace and freedom. To complement this, John uses precious stones, shells and other unusual materials to produce his artistic jewellery. These materials are chosen for their colour, veins, surface texture and form to enable John to produce the innovative work his creativity demands. This inspiration has moved into John’s art and sculptors of pure silver and gold combined with indigenous woods, as well as his distinctive sculptural graphics of art, incorporating silver and gold uniquely woven with various forms of mixed media.  

John’s inventiveness, use of materials, and supremely high levels of craftsmanship has resulted in original jewellery and art forms unprecedented in this day and age.    

The John Klynsmith Studio was registered as a Publishing House in 1996, ISBN 0-620-20706-X, enabling John to launch his first poetry book “Romancing of the Water Nymph”. 

Weaving fantasy with Gold and Silver

When not in his studio his interests lie in good food, good wine and entertaining his guests. A member of the Chaine des Rostisseurs, his dinners are culinary adventures in which he looks for harmony and flavour often serving guests four to five courses in his studio amongst all his creations.