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The roots of my family tree sank deeply into the African soil. This dark continent has been our home now for four generations. The great Masai Mara of Kenya is where my siblings and I grew up. My forefathers were blown from the icy winds of European winters to remarkable wildness of Africa. My mother is of Italian and French decent and my father from a Germanic background. But it was here in Africa that the seeds of my family tree fell.

This was not white man’s country, and as I became an adult the winds of change began to blow. The land from which our four generations drew life, became threatened. Dark clouds infiltrated the light until the Africa we had been born to, became hardly recognizable.

Africa is a magnet. When you are a white person born in Africa you have two identities. You are a displaced person. You are marked by the continent of your birth, and you live your life as a white man but with a black man’s soul. When you meet a kindred spirit you recognize one another. You have both drunk from the magic chalice whose mysterious alchemy creates a bond that sweeps aside unnecessary prelude. 

The wildness of Africa lives with an earthy vibrancy. It’s many contrasts, landscapes, wild animals, rich thick forests, deserts and cities are distilled through the ages. Life lives here with an essence of strength and refinement. Everything you see makes for greatness, freedom and unequaled nobility. You wake up in the morning and think here I am where I ought to be.

No Matter the politics of the continent, it makes up the cauldrons of Africa from eons of time. In time Africa always mends its rifts. It continues to have its own magic, strong and powerful in its own destiny. Its effect on me is like a painter standing before an empty canvas having no idea where to put the first brush stroke. Like a beautiful woman this continent lies around me in all her naked magnificence and I feel so small and insignificant in my task of capturing her magic on my canvas. 

People worry where they should go when their troubles arrive and where they should escape to. I see a lot of futility in people trying to escape to other parts of the world thinking it will be a better life. Don’t they  understand that the other parts of the world have their problems too? No. Enjoy the essence of destiny in your own land and continue to work at making the chalice of Africa a part of your kindred spirit. Give your essence, your honestly and your truth.

I call people to venture forth and capture the timeless image of their homeland, be it Africa or any other country or continent, in order to keep it intact. Yes, I myself live in a country of phenomena and I will always endure the strong beauty and contrasts of Africa.