"Families like trees have roots
Seeds blown by the wind create new trees
Children like branches spread out and multiply
Families and trees have similar destinies"

- John Klynsmith


There are two forms of Ancient Decorative Art and manufacture that I will soon be introducing in my jewellery and Art forms once I have fully mastered the techniques involved.

(1) Mokume Gane
A mixed metal first made in the 17th century Japan by the inventor Denbie Shoami (1651 - 1728) for sword fittings on the Katana swords until the Meiji era. Mokume Gane is an old Japanese technique for creating patterned and color finishes fusing various metals such as gold, silver, copper, bronzes, shakudu, shibuichi and kumrimodo which would form liquid phase diffusion bonds with one another without completely melting, creating decorative colored patterns of metal when worked on.

(2) Niello
Niello is a black mixture of copper, silver and lead sulfides, used as an inlay on engraved or etched metal. It can be used for filling in designs cut from metal. The Egyptians are credited with originating Niello decoration, which spread throughout Europe in the late Iron age and is common in Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and other types of early Medieval jewellery. The goldsmiths of Florence in the middle of the 15th century ornamented their works by means of engraving aburin (engraver) after which they filled up the hollows produced calling it Niello.

This will be a big 5 cutlery set (fork, knife & spoon). The handle will be in pure silver and the actual blades will be Damascus steel, an ancient form of metal work for swords.

The water nymph cutlery set. Ive always dreamed of creating a beautiful cutlery set of a woman with hair growing down to her feet. Her hair and body will be in pure silver and the knife, fork and spoon will be in damascus  steel.

Drinking straws for tall glasses or short dinky champaign bottles. The straw and animals will be in pure silver in 2 sets, 1 will have twisted gold wire around the straw and the other one will have sterling silver twisted around the straw.

One of my new sculptural graphics (800 x 600) of a warrior woman in pure silver, hair in 18 carat yellow gold, sword in 18 carat gold and silver, the spear head will be in 18 carat gold and the shaft pure silver. The jewellery on her arm will be in gold embellished in stones. Made on handmade paper with a forest behind her. 
OOOPPPSSSS... Sorry its SOLD now :)

Working on warrior woman & one of my new ones 'the dragons lair' (800 x 600). The dragon will be in pure silver and 18 carat gold set on hand made paper (acid free) with a cliff edge in ink work and water colour with pure silver leaves.

ATARA - Oil on canvas & pure silver with 18 carat gold hair, 1200cm x 800cm.

(1) THE ICE MAIDEN - Oil on canvas & pure silver with 18 carat gold hair, 1200cm x 800cm.
(2) ATARA - Oil on canvas & pure silver with 18 carat gold hair, 1200cm x 800cm.

OLEANA MYSTIQUE - Charcoal and oil on canvas with pure silver leaves. 3000cm x 1200cm